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Configuring IP Settings

Configure Internet Protocol (IP) settings for the everRun system to set or modify the IP address of the system and nodes as well as values for applicable settings such as network mask, gateway address, and Domain Name System (DNS) server.

During installation and post-installation of everRun software, you configure three IP addresses: one for the everRun system and one for each node. You can change the IP addresses and other IP settings after installation using the appropriate procedure below. You must specify a static IPv4 address for the everRun system.

  1. Do not change the IP configuration settings, especially on systems with running VMs, without the advice and knowledge of your network administrator. Doing so could make the system and all its VMs inaccessible.
  2. You must use the everRun Availability Console to change IP addresses.  Do not use Linux tools.
  1. The procedure you use to configure IP settings depends on whether the everRun system stays on the same subnet or moves to a new subnet. See the everRun Release Release Notes for instructions on how to move the system to a new subnet. Follow the appropriate procedure for your needs.
  2. Changing IP settings for a new subnet typically includes changing the node's physical network connections (for example, disconnecting and then re-attaching network cables if moving the PMs). Before you disconnect cables from nodes, you must shut down the nodes.
  3. In a single-node system, the IP Configuration page displays settings for only one node.

To change the system and/or node IP settings with the system on same subnet

The everRun system and all virtual machines (VMs) continue to run throughout this procedure; however, the everRun Availability Console briefly loses its connection to the system if you change the system IP address. You can access the everRun Availability Console at the new system IP address within 1-2 minutes. (You can change node IP addresses on each node, individually, but the console connection is not lost.)

  1. Click Preferences in the left-hand navigation panel, to open the Preference page.
  2. Click IP Configuration.
  3. In the Static System IP box, type the static system IP address that you obtained from your network administrator.
  4. Click the Static button and type valid, unique values for Primary DNS and Secondary DNS.
  5. Verify that the displayed NetMask value is correct.
  6. For Node0 and Node1, enter appropriate values for IP Address and Gateway IP.

  7. Click Save to save the values (or click Reset to restore previous values).

    If you have changed the system IP address, the Portal Restart Required dialog box appears. Wait about a minute and then click OK. This redirects the browser to the new system IP address.

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