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Configuring Internet Proxy Settings

Configure proxy settings for the everRun system if your organization requires a proxy server to access the Internet and you have a service agreement with Stratus or another authorized everRun service representative.

A proxy server provides a secure bridge between the everRun system and the Internet. everRun software uses proxy server information for only outbound HTTP traffic related to support notification messaging and remote support access features.

To configure Internet proxy settings

  1. Click Preferences in the left-hand navigation panel, to open the Preferences page.
  2. Under Remote Support, click Proxy Configuration.
  3. To enable proxy service, click the Enable Proxy box.
  4. In the Proxy Server box, type the fully-qualified proxy server host name or IP address.
  5. In the Port Number box, type the port number if it is different from the default number (3128).
  6. If the proxy server requires authentication, click the Enable Authentication box and type the Username and Password.
  7. Click Save (or click Reset to restore the previously-saved values).

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