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Configuring One View Settings

You must register your everRun system with the One View Console before you can enable One View connections on your system. The procedure consists of Part A: Registering a Platform and Part B: Adding a Platform to the One View Console.

Part A: Registering a Platform

  1. In the everRun Availability Console, obtain the Asset ID of the system you want to add to the console. The Asset ID appears in the masthead, under the system name.
  2. In the One View Console, click PLATFORMS in the masthead.
  3. Click Register Platform in the action bar.
  4. In the Register Platform dialog box that appears, enter the Asset ID (obtained in Step 1).

  5. Click Save.

Part B: Adding a Platform to the One View Console

  1. In the everRun Availability Console, navigate to One View on the PREFERENCES page:
    1. Click Preferences in the left-hand navigation panel.
    2. On the PREFERENCES page, click One View under Remote Support.
  2. With One View selected on the PREFERENCES page, click Enable One View.
  3. In the Server box, enter the IP address or DNS name for the One View Console. (If necessary, see your system administrator to obtain the IP address.)
  4. Click Save.
    In the One View Console, confirm that the new system appears on the PLATFORMS page.

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