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Configuring Quorum Servers

When you log on to the everRun system for the first time, configure quorum servers.  

Prerequisite: Before you configure quorum servers, read Quorum Servers and Quorum Servers Considerations.
Note: For a VM to recognize quorum server configuration changes, you must reboot the VM by shutting it down and then restarting it. See Shutting Down a Virtual Machine and Starting a Virtual Machine.

To configure quorum servers

  1. Click Preferences in the left-hand navigation panel, to open the Preferences page.
  2. Click Quorum Servers.
  3. Click Add Quorum Server.
  4. In the Add Preferred Quorum Server dialog box, enter the following values (if a preferred quorum server already exists, the Add Alternate Quorum Server dialog box appears):

    Click Save to save the values.

  5. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to configure a second, alternate quorum server. Stratus recommends configuring two quorum servers.
  6. To enable quorum service, select the Enabled check box and click Save.

To remove a quorum server

Caution: If you remove the preferred quorum server, the alternate quorum server becomes the preferred quorum server. If no alternate quorum server exists, removing the preferred quorum server automatically disables quorum service.
  1. Navigate to the Preferences page of the everRun Availability Console.
  2. Click Quorum Servers.
  3. Locate the entry for the quorum server you want to remove.
  4. In the right-most column, click Remove.
Note: If a VM is using the quorum server that you are removing, you must reboot the VM so that it no longer recognizes the quorum server, which allows the removal process to finish.

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