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Configuring SNMP Settings

Configure Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) settings for your everRun system to allow SNMP management applications to remotely monitor your systems. (SNMP information pertains only to systems and not individual PMs.) You can enable SNMP requests and SNMP traps:

To specify the desired security parameters, you must edit the standard /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf file on both nodes. For example, to allow SNMP requests by any user using the default public community, comment out or delete the following lines from that file on each node:

com2sec notConfigUser default public
group notConfigGroup v1 notConfigUser
group notConfigGroup v2c notConfigUser
view systemview included .
view systemview included .
access notConfigGroup "" any noauth exact systemview none none

After you save the edited files, you must restart the snmpd process on each node by entering the following command:

service snmpd restart

Follow the appropriate procedure to enable SNMP requests or traps.

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