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Configuring Active Directory

Configure Active Directory for the everRun system to authorize existing users or groups from an Active Directory domain to log on to the everRun Availability Console with their Active Directory credentials.

After you add the everRun system to an Active Directory domain, you can assign administrative privileges to domain users using the Grant Access wizard, which you start from the Users & Groups page (see The Users & Groups Page).

To add the everRun system to an Active Directory domain

  1. Click Preferences in the left-hand navigation panel, to open the Preferences page.
  2. Click Active Directory.
  3. Click Enable Active Directory.
  4. Next to Active Directory Domain, type the name of the domain to use.
  5. Click Add System to Active Directory.
  6. Type the Username and Password of an Active Directory Administrator in order to add this everRun system to the domain.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Assign administrative privileges to domain users on the Users & Groups page, as described in Managing Domain User Accounts.

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